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Power Generation

Custom Material Selection & Converting Services for the Power Industry

Electric Equipment.
Electric power generation comprises a multiplicity of power sources, including coal-fired, nuclear, gas-fired, hydroelectric, and oil-fired. Whatever the source of power, the electric power industry has a need for flexible materials to address thermal and electrical insulation, gasketing, and taping requirements for turbines and generators.

Fabrico has many years of experience selecting materials such as electrical tape, generator manufacturing materials, and electrical insulation material. Fabrico provides a variety of custom fabrication services for these materials, including laminatingslitting, and die-cutting. In addition, Fabrico provides a kitting service to simplify provisioning of large projects.

Solar Photovoltaic.
Fabrico provides such flexible materials as laminated foil, overlay tapes, and gaskets. Additional materials are required for newly-developed flexible solar panels. With many years of experience converting flexible materials and with its broad base of vendors, Fabrico offers unique and competitive solutions for this emerging market.

Fuel Cell.
Fabrico has the proven ability to collaborate on new product designs, using expertise in die-cutting, laminating, and slitting flexible materials. Fabrico’s engineers have a deep understanding of materials and provide quick prototype turnaround as well as recommendations on manufacturability.