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Transformer Labels

Durable, High-Quality Transformer Labels by Fabrico provide Warning, Instruction, Voltage and Serial Number information.

Fabrico, a division of EIS Inc. and the leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and advanced assembly, now offers high-quality, durable custom labels for the three common types of transformers; liquid filled, dry and instrument. Each electric transformer typically has four general groups of labels; Danger or Warning labels, Instructional labels, Voltage labels and Serial Number labels.

Fabrico can also produce custom logo or company name labels for use in brand identification or decoration. All of these label types may also be useful on power inverters, power generation and other pieces of industrial equipment.

Unfortunately, transformer accidents can be deadly and are all too common. A poorly marked transformer cabinet that has been broken open can also be a danger to anyone nearby. Our transformer Danger or Warning labels are designed to help keep children and others away from transformers at all times. In addition, Fabrico’s transformer labels with customized company information and identification codes allow the public to easily contact service personnel to report this deadly hazard.

Finally, because Fabrico transformer labels utilize a durable vinyl material with an acrylic adhesive, the high bonding strength of the adhesive allows for long term bonding with difficult bond epoxy and ceramic-coated surfaces. Many of the hazards of working on a transformer can be reduced by utilizing the information available on Instructional labels. These types of labels are typically placed on the transformer or cabinet in areas that are clearly visible to qualified persons. These labels should be reviewed prior to examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance of any transformer assembly.

Instructional labels can be further customized to include a company name, logo, bar codes or part numbers. Fabrico utilizes a durable vinyl label material with an acrylic adhesive to ensure long term durability and high level of adhesion to epoxy and ceramic-coated surfaces that are often used on transformer units. Voltage markers quickly identify high voltage and electrical hazards, as well as conduits, busways, circuit breakers, switches, fuse boxes, power and distribution panels and other electrical components. They alert employees to potentially dangerous machinery or energized equipment.

Fabrico provides nearly 400 variations of voltage labels with a polyester face stock and a clear over-laminate with an acrylic adhesive. The high bonding strength of the adhesive allows for application to low surface energy materials utilized in transformer coatings ensuring that these mission critical labels will remain in place. Transformers occasionally need servicing and, when they do, tracking that service is vital. Each transformer has a unique Serial Number label, typically with a barcode for scanning that allows the manufacturer and servicing agency to track all the critical service information pertaining to that specific unit.

Fabrico can supply blank labels made with the optimal material and adhesive combination, along with a high resin content ribbon, so manufacturers can thermal transfer print serialized or consecutively barcoded labels on-site, on-demand. Fabrico can also preprint the consecutive labels in a specified number range on polyester labels and over-laminate with a UV resistant clear poly, providing finished labels with long term durability.

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