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Renewable Energy

Solar and wind energy comprise the Renewable Energy market, and Fabrico is instrumental in providing manufacturers the converted materials they need to build solar panels, solar powered equipment, wind turbines, and related equipment.

In the production of solar panels alone, Fabrico provides manufacturers with protective films, adhesive layers, foil strips, bus bars, high strength foam tapes, and inverters.  Advances in energy storage have opened up a whole new area of offerings from Fabrico, including EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management materials in new battery technology.



Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) System 

Fabrico assists solar concentrator manufacturers in the Photovoltaic market in their design and development process, to ensure that specified materials and parts are the most functional and cost-effective for the application.

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Fabrico and Solar 

Fabrico custom converts flexible materials for numerous evolving solar strategies such as concentrator technology.

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Materials for Solar Inverters 

PV inverters are the most complex part of a photovoltaic system and the most likely to fail from internal (spikes, heat, shorts) and external (temperature and humidity extremes) factors. That's why Fabrico suggests the right materials and adhesives for electrical insulation, thermal management, and EMI/EMC shielding impacts inverter efficiency and reliability.

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Rigid Silicon 

Fabrico offers slitting, laminating, die-cutting, and printing services to its solar customers, and products are provided to customers in various forms, including slit rolls, pre-fabricated parts, and custom designs.

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Solar Energy Storage 

For renewable energy sources including solar, new advances in battery technology are being investigated for use in grid and off-grid applications.

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Solar Powered Ventilation 

A solar point of use products maker designed a solar solution to attic fan ventilation, while Fabrico, having experience with adhesives for the solar market, provided the required silicone edge seal and adhesive needed to affix the solar panel to the top of the fan.

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Thin Film 

Fabrico supplies flexible materials for solar products and enables solar manufacturers to improve assembly methods, reduce costs, and boost product performance.

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