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Die-Cutting & Adhesives for Ammo Technology

With Hallam Inc.'s Glow Ammo, sport shooters improve their marksmanship on the fly, becoming more accurate, using feedback from the previous shot to make adjustments.

The design of the product is geared to make application easy for reloaders (shooters who load their own shot). As a reloader prepares his or her shot, the Glow Ammo dot is quickly and easily applied as part of the process. The dot is peeled from the liner, positioned on the end of the shot, and pressed into place.

Making the product easy to apply was a key consideration during development. Using a low density plastic substrate, Fabrico investigated adhesives that would stick this material to the bottom end of a lead bullet before it was placed into a copper shell casing. Fabrico experimented with various adhesive formulations before arriving at a solution that would keep the dot affixed to its packaging, allow the shooter to peel the liner from the dot, then adhere firmly to the bullet throughout its trajectory.

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