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Avionics Adhesives - Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Crane Aerospace had been using a very thick and expensive tape to wrap the outside of a unit that houses sophisticated, dense microelectronic components in the cockpit. The tape is 6 mil thick and very stiff. Unfortunately for Crane the tape manufacturer they were using had recently decided to discontinue this thick tape that cushioned the unit and had strong adhesion properties – strong enough to endure thermocycling during testing.

Identifying an adhesive tape to meet Crane's specifications required Fabrico's expertise, and Fabrico did find a good solution with a strong adhesive bond and adhering to the undercarriage. When removed, there is no adhesive residue.

But necessary thickness was still a problem. So Fabrico used a version of the tape at 2 mil thickness and experimented with laminating layers together, thereby discovering the solution.

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