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Military / Aerospace

Aerospace engineers are challenged with complex and compact microelectronics designs in cockpits and command centers.

Fabrico provides research and development, testing, finished parts, and experienced engineers for applications ranging from bonding systems on aircraft exteriors to strength and durability testing of composites used in the aluminum wing flaps.



Avionics Adhesives - Crane Aerospace & Electronics 

Crane Aerospace turned to Fabrico to find the right protective tape to prevent scratches on a critical avionics cockpit unit.

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Die-Cutting & Adhesives for Ammo Technology 

Fabrico and Hallam Inc. combined the appropriate materials and adhesive to develop the Glow Ammo product. What originally looked like a relatively simple lamination project evolved into a more complex challenge involving in-depth adhesive investigation and testing.

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Thermal Management Key to Mil/Aero Microelectronics 

As electronics in military and aerospace applications become smaller, more powerful, and more complex, they also become much hotter. So thermal management can no longer be an afterthought.

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