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Electrical Equipment

Full product lines of electrical insulation materials, for motors, transformers, and other electrical equipment,are provided by Fabrico to the electrical equipment market. Often these materials are converted by Fabrico, using in-line processes, like slitting, sheeting, cut-to-length, die-cutting, heat forming, printing and more.

Whether the application involves thermal management, resistivity, or even light or heat barriers, Fabrico has the expertise to assist with product selection and processing.



3M Flame Barriers for Lighting Systems 

Lighting manufacturers are moving into LED luminaires, LED-based light fixtures with an integrated source, for high efficiency and lowest cost. Fabrico's lamination of 3M Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) used as flame barrier is an integral part of the LED Luminaire enclosure.

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Electric Motor 

From wedges and slot separators, to slot liners and phase separators, Fabrico offers more than 30 years of experience in a variety of applications for the electrical OEM and repair markets.

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Electric Transformers 

Fabrico is the leading provider of electrical insulation material products used to manufacture and repair electric transformers.

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Heat Transfer in LED Assembly 

Proper thermal management in designing circuitry and modules containing LEDs is essential, and Fabrico has the expertise to determine how best to dissipate the heat.

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ITW Formex for Electrical Insulation & Heat Barriers 

ITW Formex can be used as both an insulation and a barrier material; it will not crack or split if scored or folded. Fabrico uses ITW Formex as a cost-effective replacement for a variety of electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injection molded parts.

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LED Lighting Labeling 

Fabrico's LED lighting labels serve as identification, decoration, information, and as special warning.

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Measuring Electrical Resistance 

In nearly every product application, electrical resistance or conductance need to be considered. As a converter of electronic and electrical materials, Fabrico has a full understanding of resistance and the ways to measure it.

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