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High Performance Automotive Labels for Interior and Exterior Applications

Printed labels produced by Fabrico are used for automotive branding, instructions, warnings, and more.

In automotive applications, printed labels produced by Fabrico can be used for branding, instructions, track and trace, and important warning information. Depending on the application, the appropriate materials and adhesives can be selected and tested to meet challenges including harsh environments and low surface energy. Since many customers require information printed on parts or custom labels, Fabrico offers printing options from basic one-color applications to intricate, multicolor solutions, to enhance the design of the finished product. By combining our in-line capabilities with other custom fabrication, such as laminating, rotary die cutting, or sheeting, Fabrico can also help optimize efficiency and minimize costs.

Most importantly at Fabrico, we offer printing on a wide variety flexible label materials with multiple adhesives and facestocks to meet the most demanding automotive applications. Fabrico utilizes a variety of specialty adhesives and facestock materials to standup to the harshest conditions in under-the-hood and other exterior applications on today’s vehicles. The ability to bond to low surface energy plastic and powder coated metal surfaces provided by our label’s high strength acrylic adhesives mean that the automotive OEM and tier manufacturer can be confident that their labels will stay in place and readable for many years of service.

Fabrico has label products that can resist the harsh chemicals, oils, moisture exposure and high temperatures that are present in under-the-hood applications as well. Fabrico performance label materials can house necessary process track and trace, warnings, mandated information, and other critical messages inside of the vehicle. These label materials provide image durability and secure attachment to many surfaces, including the low surface energy plastics often found in vehicle interiors.

The variety of adhesives and facestocks available assure that critical information in such applications as on the air bag inflator, safety restraints, tire inflation labels and vehicle electronics remain bonded in place and clearly visible for the life of the vehicle. Fabrico can provide automotive labels that are fully pre-printed or in thermally printable format. This thermal print format offers the advantage of allowing the user to print variable information specific to each vehicle on the label immediately prior to application. In addition, thermal transfer style labels utilize printers that print the variable information using high resin content ribbons for long term durability.

Fabrico offers their design engineering expertise to help customers determine the specific requirements, select the best materials and adhesives, and choose the label type, such as pressure-sensitive, that works best for their application and environment. With the proper combination of those factors, markings and labels can last for decades even in the harshest conditions, such as chemical exposure, oily or slick surfaces, and wet or humid conditions.
Through the use of Fabrico’s extensive printing and labeling experience, customers can ensure their markings and labels will have high bonding strength and durability on a variety of surfaces, including metals, inert plastic, epoxy, ceramic, etc. With more than 30 years of materials experience, Fabrico engineers understand the impact a material selection can have on the overall manufacturing process, therefore, material systems are designed to optimize production efficiency and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

With a fully equipped test lab, Fabrico ensures that customer materials meet designed-in specs before they leave the factory floor, often eliminating the need to test materials on the customer end. Fabrico uses its laboratory to test adhesion, tensile, and dielectric strengths, as well as coat weight, resistance, capacitance, and voltage measurements. Fabrico’s test and measurement equipment is calibrated annually per the ISO standard.

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Fabrico offers automotive labels for interior and exterior applications



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