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Resources by Market


Automotive & Transportation 

From luxury RVs to ATVs, Fabrico has the adhesives and protective materials expertise needed by auto makers, design engineers, and more.

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Electrical Equipment 

The Electrical Equipment market can include applications like slot liners and phase separators for electric motors and core insulation and lead pads for transformers.

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Fabrico offers innovative solutions in electronics market applications, including insulation, thermal management, EMC/EMI shielding, and conductive adhesives.

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General Industrial 

Gaskets, foam liners, clear plastic lenses, liquid adhesives, and rubber trim are all components needed in many industrial products. Fabrico's converting capabilities prepare the raw materials for use in the manufacture of these products.

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Military / Aerospace 

Fabrico assists with some of the nation's most innovative defense products by converting and fabricating materials to strict military specifications.

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Renewable Energy 

Solar electric panel manufacturers in the Renewable Energy market are always looking at ways to make solar technology more efficient while reducing costs and increasing working life of solar panels. Fabrico is instrumental in their quest.

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