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Protective Films

Protect products in a variety of applications and environments with protective films

While today’s touchscreens are almost always equipped with sturdy and scratch resistant glass, protective films are recommended to further combat scrapes and gouges. Surface and screen protectors are made of a protective films, sometimes referred to as protective tapes, that are inexpensive enough to be replaced as needed. These protective tapes adhere and conform to products to protect against scratching, marring, chipping, abrasion and UV exposure during production, packaging, shipping, and installation. They can also be applied for product use. Easily removable from virtually any surface, protective tapes leave no residue behind when peeled off.

Abrasion resistance is particularly important when finished or painted surfaces are handled during assembly or transit. High gloss or lightly textured surfaces that can be easily marred require a temporary protective film that is up to 5 mils thick. UV protection is also critical if the product is exposed to the sun for days or even months. Lastly, adhesive tack levels range from very low to high, depending upon the application and surface energy of the material.

Fabrico offers rotary die-cutting, and custom die-cutting fabrication to many protective films such as 3Mä Scotchgard, Polyethylene, UV, Multi-Polymer, Gloss Clear, Smooth Cling Film, Protective Tapes. We offer Brightness Enhancement, Display Protection, Anti-Reflection, and Light Control Films.

These films offer:

  • Durable protection for an LCD or LED screen during daily use
  • Optical clarity and anti-glare without color distortion
  • Ease of application and replacement
  • Enhancement of old displays by making them clearer and brighter
  • Enhanced protection in harsh environments
  • Protection in shipment

Advanced dry-application films are becoming more popular and offer innovative solutions to surface protection and are available from a number of materials providers. These films offer innovative solutions to surface protection and are available from a number of materials providers. In addition to surface protection, they provide:

  • Anti-reflection properties
  • Backlight reflector capabilities
  • Light control
  • Prism characteristics
  • Reflective polarization
  • Projection components

They are usually multi-layered, including (from top to bottom):

While the touchscreen manufacturer or contract manufacturer can specify the characteristics they require in a cover film, Fabrico ensures that they meet those specifications by selecting the appropriate adhesive and release liner. We cut the film to the exact dimensions of the device, whether it’s handheld size or large screen, and produce a finished component that is designed for manufacturability. Fabrico works closely with the manufacturer from the concept stage through fabrication, assembly, kitting, and shipping

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