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Solar Panel and Power Generation Labels

Fabrico offers a variety of options for Solar Panel and Power Generation labels in different sizes, colors, and materials.

The solar panel and power generation industries require labels that are durable, legible and have longevity. Because they are subject to various climates, environments, temperatures and applications, performance is paramount.

Fabrico, a division of EIS, Inc., has expertise in solar panel and power generation labeling for these harsh conditions. The majority of solar panel and power generation manufacturers label their product in one of two ways: either with preprinted labels that come completely finished and ready for application, or as blank labels that are thermal transfer printed on-demand, on-site and then applied to panels. Either way, Fabrico can supply the label media necessary to fulfill the manufacturers’ complete product labeling needs.

Fabrico has the ability to provide vibrant, colorful labels, utilizing the manufacturer-developed designs, which will serve as warning or instructional labels. These preprinted custom labels do not require any additional information, so there’s no extra printing equipment to buy or maintain at the production site.
Fabrico also can provide blank, polyester labels that are thermal transfer printable, allowing for printing a manufacturer’s own designs at the exact quantities desired, on-demand. When and if changes are needed, they can be made on the fly without the worry of creating obsoleted labels.

Working with some of the industries most respected suppliers, Fabrico solar panel and power generation labels will feature long-term durability in outdoor applications. Fabrico labels feature permanent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including high surface energy and low surface energy surfaces, including aluminum, glass and solar panel back sheets.  Blank labels are top-coated for thermal transfer printing using a high resin content ribbon.  Preprinted labels can be laminated with a clear polyester material for extra protection from UV, moisture and extreme temperatures.

Fabrico offers their design engineering expertise to help customers determine the specific requirements, select the best materials and adhesives, and choose the label type, such as pressure-sensitive, that works best for their application and environment. With the proper combination of those factors, markings and labels can last for decades even in the harshest conditions, such as chemical exposure, oily or slick surfaces, and wet or humid conditions.

Through the use of Fabrico’s extensive printing and labeling experience, customers can ensure their markings and labels will have high bonding strength and durability on a variety of surfaces, including metals, inert plastic, epoxy, ceramic, etc.  With more than 30 years of materials experience, Fabrico engineers understand the impact a material selection may have on the overall manufacturing process.  Therefore, material systems are designed to optimize production efficiency and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

With a fully-equipped test lab, Fabrico ensures that customer materials meet designed-in specs before they leave the factory floor, often eliminating the need to test materials on the customer end. Fabrico uses its laboratory to test adhesion, tensile, and dielectric strengths, as well as coat weight, resistance, capacitance, and voltage measurements. Fabrico’s test and measurement equipment is calibrated annually per the ISO standard.

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