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Piggy Back Labels

Versatile Piggyback labels from Fabrico allow the top label to peel away from the affixed bottom label and be reapplied elsewhere.

The unusual name these labels carry comes from their design, since they are made up of two labels, one “piggyback riding” on the other, or one on top of the other. Both are self-adhesive, but the top is peelable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label stays affixed to the original surface.

Dynamic and versatile, piggyback labels can be created in constructions that adhere to paper, plastics, cardboard and metals. For sheer flexibility, operational time savings and brand impact, piggyback labelling is a hard technology to match. There are a whole spectrum of applications, from a simple shipping label through to highly decorative promotional features for a custom label look.

Standard piggyback labels use a printable paper or film face stock, with two adhesive layers and two release liners (glassine and/or polyester in different combinations). Each layer has a different release level, so automatic dispensing is straightforward. The bottom self-adhesive label is usually designed to stay attached to the surface, so the top self-adhesive layer can be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere. In a typical application, the “parent” label can be printed on a thermal transfer printer and applied to a carton containing one product.

When the product is removed from the carton, the “child” label is removed and then applied to the product for tracking purposes. Manufacturers also use piggyback labels for automated inventory tracking systems. As products stocked on a shelf are used, the “child” label is removed and placed on a reorder manifest, alerting the inventory personnel that another carton needs to be ordered.

Depending on customer requirements, the bottom label can contain:

  • Same exact information as the top label
  • Some other (supplemental) information
  • Blank label


Top and bottom labels containing the same information are perfect for asset or merchandise tracking. The top label is placed on the product, while the bottom is used on the sales sheet to keep a record of the inventory. Piggyback labels are most often used in the following applications/businesses:

  • Sweepstakes & Promotions- the product of choice for many retail promotions. For example, a coupon can be removed (and sometimes re-applied elsewhere) leaving another label behind
  • Logistics, Shipping & Courier - widely used for tracking individual packages. A top peelable label carries a barcode, which is removed and scanned at the destination to confirm package identity
  • Healthcare - often used for blood bags in blood banks, vaccination centers, and hospitals
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