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Authenticating Materials

Computer software, recorded music, and video productions are often subject to counterfeiting. 3M™ Optical Thin Film Security Tape seals CD jewel cases and allows consumers to verify the authenticity of the software or music recording.

These tapes replace Holographic seals and polyester spine labels. The security tape offers several advantages to the user:

  • Ease of authentication (A custom image is revealed when the tape is slit, punctured, or lifted from the surface, making it easy to verify seal authenticity.)
  • Aesthetic appearance (The colored, metallic appearance of the optical thin film tape blends well with the product and packaging.)
  • Minimal adhesive residue (The limited adhesive residue left on the substrate when the tape is removed minimizes impact on the aesthetics of the product.)
  • Brand enhancement (When removed, the tape can be incorporated into a product registration program, a repeat purchase incentive, or a customer feedback program.)

Fabrico utilizes its experienced design engineering team and a broad range of in-house converting equipment to provide custom flexible material solutions for unique size and shape requirements.

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