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Printing & Labels

Printing services offered by Fabrico include spot and process printing up to six colors, varnish application, and color matching on materials. Two sided printing and digital printing options are also available.

In-line capabilities are ideal for multi-step applications that require laminating, rotary die-cutting, or sheeting. Combining printing processes with other manufacturing steps reduces set-up time and production costs.

Materials include both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive varieties, with applications ranging from tamper-evident labels for the medical market to high durability labels for harsh environments.



3M Reflective Materials 

3M™’s Reflective Tapes offer maximum nighttime brightness for signs, driveway markers, boats, and more.

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Authenticating Materials 

Manufacturers require a security device that allows their consumers to easily verify product authenticity. Specialty tapes converted to tight specifications solve the problem.

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Bar Code Labels 

The use of advanced materials solutions in bar code labeling allows companies to control their inventory process and create efficiency and savings in this often labor-intensive function.

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Fabrico produces high quality E-Juice/E-Liquid Branding & Packaging Labels

eCig Labels 

Fabrico can supply the label media necessary to E-Juice/E-Liquid manufacturers to fulfill their complete product decoration needs.

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Hazardous Markings and Labels 

Hazardous markings and labels help to clearly designate safe areas with the appropriate materials and adhesives so workers stay injury-free.

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Hazardous Materials Labels 

Automotive product labels face a particularly harsh environment of intense heat, abrasion, and exposure to harsh chemicals. However, Fabrico's engineered solution, combining quality materials and expert conversion, offers customers more durable labels.

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Laser and Thermal Transfer Printable Law Tags 

Fabrico now offers laser and thermal transfer printable law tag solutions, providing critical information, for the mattress manufacturing industry.

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Logistical Labels 

Logistical labeling comes with its own set of challenges, depending on the type of labeling and application, and Fabrico can assist with all of these labeling applications.

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Download Piggyback Labels

Piggy Back Labels 

Using Piggy Back Labels can streamline logistics and inventory tracking processes, from their simple use for shipping labeling to highly decorative promotional features..

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Printing Capabilities 

Fabrico offers printing services and printed labels for a wide variety of medical, automotive and general industrial applications, including tracking and bar code, product identification and UL/CSA approved labels.

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Product Decoration Labels 

Fabrico offers a wide range of product decoration labels that are graphically detailed to create strong branding for industrial and consumer products.

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Fabrico offers a variety of solar panel and power generation labels

Solar Panel and Power Generation Labels 

The Solar panel and power generation industries require labels that are durable, legible and have longevity. Whether you need them preprinted or blank for on-site, on-demand printing, Fabrico has everything you need.

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Transformer Labels 

Transformer Labels provide safety assurance and product identification for transformer users and service personnel, thereby reducing the hazards of working on a transformer.

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Thermal Transfer 

3M™ Thermal Transfer Polyimide Label Material 7812 and DNP’s R510HF Ultra Durable Resin thermal transfer ribbon are a recommended combination for bar code labeling in both circuit board in-process and finished product applications.

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UL Certification Voltage Labels - ABB 

While sourcing UL voltage labels for ABB, a transformer components supplier, Fabrico discovered that their UL labels supplier substituted labels with a vinyl face stock to cut cost. The result would have been labels that survived only 2 years – not the required 10.

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