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Thermal Transfer Imprinting

Labeling with sequential or variable information is made easy with Fabrico's thermal transfer imprinting.

Currently a very popular method for labeling with sequential or variable information is thermal transfer imprinting. Depending on the application at hand, the process can be less time consuming and less costly than other techniques, while offering maximum flexibility and quality. Many material constructions, like polyimide materials, are already designed and approved to utilize this technology, and the labels can be produced with our entire array of printing and converting equipment and expertise to supply any shape, size, and configuration. The labels can then be delivered ready for imprinting, or if so desired, can arrive already thermally imprinted and ready for staging and final application.

For weatherproof or harsh environment applications requiring chemical or fade resistance, custom ink systems or laminations can be applied to protect the integrity of the number or code. In addition, Fabrico possesses the ability to consecutively number or serialize labels in a virtually unlimited array of styles and configurations. State-of-the-art equipment can perform digital printing in any size, font, or position, using either Fabrico managed numbers, a customer-supplied database or through random number generation. Serialization can also be combined with printing of additional symbols, graphics, and security features, or with RFID insertion to increase tracking functionality.

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Fabrico offers Thermal Transfer Imprinting