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Expanded Content Labeling

Digital printing services accommodate the need for expanded, detailed information that is required to appear on a label.  Using a resealable, hinged design, labels can be manufactured with up to six plies, yielding eleven printable panels. Multi-ply labels are ideal for extensive
cautionary indications, additional UPC and 2D barcoding, rebates and instant redeemable coupons (IRC), drug facts and additional nutritional information or multilingual translations in a variety of cosmetic, consumer and pharmaceutical applications.
There is also the Island Placement label, on which the custom release system allows the top, or “island” label to be easily and cleanly removed from the base label, producing a dual-labeling configuration.
Additionally, a Detachable Flag label is offered, where the complex constructions possess a distinct end tab, or “flag” extension. This flag, when detached from the base label, functions as a secondary label to create a streamlined information chain, serve as duplicate data, or enhance many other critical applications.

Fabrico's digital printing services include expanded content labels.