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Bonding, Joining & Sealing

Fabrico has expertise in die-cut adhesives, adhesive masking materials, adhesive laminating, adhesive backed materials, adhesive foam tape, converted adhesive film, pressure-sensitive materials, and more.

Fabrico offers our customers a variety of bonding, joining, and sealing capabilities, and our experience with the latest bonding techniques includes adhesive tapes, adhesives for harsh environments, high-strength adhesives, and adhesive use on large surface areas.


Acrylic Foam Tape 

For years, solar manufacturers turned to adhesive tape as sealants for solar panels. Now, these tapes are joined by acrylic foam tapes as possible solutions for solar application challenges.

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Adhesives for Large Surface Area Bonding 

Joining large surface area materials involves completely covering one or both surfaces with a thin, uniform coating of adhesive. Fabrico has expertise in selecting the optimal adhesive for your application.

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Bonding Low Surface Energy Plastics 

Low surface energy (LSE) plastics are not easily bonded with conventional adhesives. But Fabrico has determined which liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes, and thin film/foam bonding systems create strong bonds with LSE plastics.

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Foam and Foam Tapes 

Foam and foam tape create new design opportunities in acoustics, aerospace, architecture, transportation, packaging, tooling, and modeling, to name just a few applications.

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High-Strength Adhesives 

High-strength adhesives offer many performance, production and styling benefits that can lower overall costs.

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High-Strength Bonding Adhesives 

High-Strength bonding adhesives offer many performance, production, and styling benefits that can lower overall costs while increasing the value, durability, and desirability of products and applications.

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Large Surface Area Bonding 

Large surface area bonding (LSAB) applications have grown considerably since designers and converters, like Fabrico, have recognized the performance, production, and cost advantages of adhesives over conventional fastening techniques.

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Liquid Adhesives for Harsh Environments 

New formulations of liquid adhesives deliver stronger, tougher, and more reliable bonds on metals, plastics, composites, polyolefins, and other substrates than traditional fasteners or welding while offering excellent resistance in severe operating environments.

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New Adhesive Systems for Harsh Environments 

Whether in aerospace or ground-based applications, innovative, engineered liquid adhesives and thin bonding products that maintain properties in harsh environments have significant advantages for joining many substrates.

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VHB Tape - Mechanical Fastener Alternative 

Mechanical fasteners join materials at singular points, deforming the smoothness of the surface and marring it with rivets and screws. So Fabrico uses 3M™ VHB™ Tapes to spread the stress load across the entire length of the joint, creating a smooth appearance, maintaining high internal strength, and doing away with mechanical fasteners.

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