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Advanced battery technologies are leading to exciting new applications in the Batteries market, and Fabirco is helping engineers find innovative solutions through new designs and prototypes.

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Bonding, Joining & Sealing 

Assembly solutions incorporate product engineering, die-cut adhesives, and contract assembly services. Bonding, joining and sealing have been at the core of Fabrico's capabilities for more than 30 years.

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Digital Printing 

Fabrico's digital printing services allow for mass customization and serialization of bar codes and QR codes, which is something conventional printing does not do cost-effectively.

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EMI / RFI Shielding 

Fabrico offers a wide range of EMI shielding converted materials and RFI shielding converted materials from such world leaders as Laird, 3M™, and Chomerics.

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Printing & Labels 

Fabrico's broad range of printing capabilities spans from simple one-color applications to intricate, six-color process designs. Their state-of-the-art equipment enables multi-step manufacturing, optimizing efficiency and minimizing production costs.

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Surface Protection 

Fabrico provides protective tapes that adhere and conform to products to protect against scratching, marring, chipping, abrasion, and UV exposure during production, packaging, shipping, and installation.

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Vibration Dampening 

Vibration dampening and sound absorbing materials offered by Fabrico are useful in many industries, including automotive, and serve to cushion the ride or reduce noise within the auto's interior.

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