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SSP-502-65-032-Composite – NG-1 Provides Outstanding EMI/RFI Shielding and Long Lasting Environmental Sealing Properties

  • Superior Strength & Silver-Like Conductivity

    Typically, in order to manufacture a highly conductive silicone elastomer, it must be filled with a very high loading level of conductive fillers, such as nickel coated graphite. In many other shielding products, the increased conductive filler loading results in a decrease of the rubber and sealing properties of the final product, in regards to tear, compression and other overall physical properties. SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1 counteracts this by utilizing a nickel coated conductive fabric that increases the product’s physical properties exponentially in both strength and conductivity (shielding effectiveness).

    Specialty Silicone Products SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1

    Benefits of Conductive Fabric Reinforcement

    Most EMI/RFI silicone gaskets are very expensive and standard non-reinforced materials are subject to being torn or damaged in production, installation, or in use. Additionally, a more important factor than even the cost of the material, is the risk of potential failure of high end electronics due to material breakdown. If an EMI/RFI gasket gasket tears while in use, the risk of Electromagnetic Interference due to shielding loss is greatly increased. Military, Telecom, Automotive, Medical and other electronic devices depend on the shielding gasket to work as designed. By reinforcing the silicone used in SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1, the chance of tearing is significantly reduced versus more brittle non-reinforced EMI/RFI silicone gaskets.

    SSP-502-65-032-Composite-NG-1 can be manufactured in a continuous roll, allowing for fabrication of larger non-bonded gaskets than can be made out of sheet molds that limit the size of the fabricated gaskets.

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