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Intertape Polymer Group DCP800APPR Tape Provides Outstanding Long Term Adhesion for Motor Magnet Bonding Applications

  • In a typical case study at a US based motor manufacturer, representatives from EIS/Fabrico and Intertape Polymer Group were successful in replacing a competitor’s double coated product with IPG DCP800APPR. This end user builds different types of electric motors for a variety of applications and one specific type is Permanent Magnet DC Motors. Manufacturers that produce this type of motor consider adhesion of the magnets, so they don’t come loose when the motor is in operation, as critical to the successful long term operation of their product. Some of manufacturers utilize epoxies or liquid adhesives for magnet bonding, but this company has found that using a double coated pressure sensitive tape to adhere the magnets provides a bond that is very difficult to break. To date, since they switched to this method years ago, they have not had a motor returned due to a magnet coming loose.

    The previous double coated tape that this customer used for years became a concern due to questions regarding long term product availability. During their adhesive evaluation process, the company tried many tapes, epoxies, spray adhesives, and liquid adhesives, but they could find nothing that performed as well as the product current material. EIS/Fabrico and IPG introduced IPG DCP800APPR which was met with quite a bit of initial skepticism by both engineering and manufacturing staff. After a successful initial trial, however, they went through a full material evaluation. The manufacturer found that in fact, they thought the IPG product may have been slightly better than their incumbent product. EIS/Fabrico was also able to offer the product in both 2” and 2.4” slit widths, at a better final cost to the customer.

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