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Featured Solution: Keeping the Battery Cool

  • Fabrico & 3M: Custom Solutions to Thermal Management

    Protection from Battery Thermal Runaway

    Battery safety will remain a key challenge in the future development of electric vehicle powertrains. As power density increases, so too does the need for battery cooling and safety measures. 

    Thermal Runaway is where a battery begins a process of heating and degrading in a self-fed cycle, ultimately leading to a catastrophic failure of the battery.  High heat, a short-circuit, or excessive charge/discharge current can trigger a battery to enter a thermal runaway. Proper thermal management and insulation aid in containing the heat and preventing adjacent battery cells from entering a thermal runaway. 3M's line of thermal management and insulation solutions aim to increase battery safety and reliability.

    The UN's publication of Global Technical Regulation on the Electric Vehicle Safety (GTR 20), vehicle manufacturers are equipping batter covers for fire protection. The intention is to contain the effect of a thermal runaway in the battery and to prevent the battery lid from burning through. New innovations from 3M include thin endothermic insulation that prevent the spread of thermal runaway for over 15 minutes, with the potential of stopping it entirely. Another development created by 3M is a heat resistant, lightweight, high-strength and flexible ceramic fiver mat that can stop the aluminum batter covers from burning through. 

    Thermal Applications for EV/HEV Battery Assembly

    3M EV/HEV battery thermal management

    3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Pad Sheet 5590H

    Fabrico Custom Converting Solutions

    Fabrico converts a wide variety of thermal management materials for the dispersion of heat in temperature-sensitive devices. Fabrico teams up with device engineers early in the design stage to determine the proper material(s) and process necessary to fully manage the thermal challenge. The growing complexity and power of batteries, require that an OEM or contract manufacturer work with a knowledgeable materials expert, like Fabrico, for electrical insulation, thermal management and EMC/EMI Shielding.

    Case Study:

    An engineered solution for heat dissipation and insulation is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of a lithium battery. Fabrico's engineers understand these requirements and have the material and fabrication expertise necessary to design and create a custom solution for any application. In the case below, a tablet computer is shown with it's battery removed, revealing a large flexible heat sink that acts to safely dissipate the heat generated by the battery. EMI Shielding, (Electromagnetic Interference) is also necessary to protect the sensitive electronics of the motherboard. Fabrico is a leading expert in the custom fabrication and planning of EMI/EMC/RFI solutions. 


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