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Testing for Compatibility

Fabrico has in-house testing for materials, adhesives, and electrical characteristics. Testing can determine:

  • Whether the material from the supplier meets the project specifications
  • Potential alternative materials with the same characteristics
  • The electrical properties of the material
  • Whether or not the application requires an adhesive
  • Matching the right adhesive to the material
  • The projected lifetime of the bond and the acceptable time-to-failure
  • The physical loads on the bond
  • The environmental conditions during operation
  • The possibility of adhesive failure
  • The assembly requirements for the project

Fabrico can offer the following tests:

  • Part Dimension Verification – a computerized gantry video measuring system;
  • Material Strength Testing – a tensile tester, up to 100 lb/in;
  • Material Weight Testing – scale measures 250 gram max, .00001 gram self-calibrating balance;
  • Adhesive/Release Liner Testing – an adhesion/release tester of 3 grams/in-5 lb/in;
  • Static Shear Testing – 10 bank static shear tester;
  • Dielectric Strength Testing – AC dielectric test unit 50 KVAC;
  • Resistance and Voltage Testing – calibrated precision benchtop multimeter, and power supply and precision digital multimeter;
  • Microscopic Imaging – digital microscope with CCD video output.