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Selecting the Right Adhesive

If the application requires an adhesive, Fabrico has the expertise to match that adhesive to the material and the application. Whether a tape or film adhesive is required, Fabrico can test and suggest alternatives from a wide range of adhesive types and uses, including:

  • Adhesives for hard-to-bond plastics with low surface energy (LSE plastics). These popular materials (like polyolefins) are great for strong, lightweight products, but do not bond well to other parts or materials. Fabrico can recommend adhesives specifically suited for these plastics, as well as pre-treatments that increase bond strength.
  • Adhesives that deliver high strength bonds, including structural adhesives that are meant to work with loads of 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi). These adhesives are increasingly used to replace mechanical fasteners where durability, strength, and aesthetics are key ingredients in a successful design.
  • Adhesives that withstand harsh environments. If the application calls for hazardous area use, or day-in/day-out exposure to the elements, Fabrico will suggest the right adhesive. For example, in many solar panel manufacturing applications, it is important that the adhesive meet 25-year manufacturer warranties.
  • Large surface area adhesives are widely used in transportation, military/aerospace, and construction. Fabrico can help customers select a hot melt, spray adhesive, roll-on, tape, or whatever will meet the needs of the application and the manufacturing process.

Conductive adhesives are used in some applications as a replacement for solder. Fabrico can help customers select the right conductive adhesive for the particular application, whether it is a PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) tape for a solar panel bus bar or a conductive adhesive for an electronics assembly.