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Role of the Converter

An experienced flexible materials converter can often mean the difference between the success or failure of a project. OEMs rely on converters to provide:

  • Precision die-cutting
  • Multi-layer laminating
  • Precision slitting
  • Access to a range of materials for electrical insulation, thermal management,EMC shielding, vibration dampening, gasketing, and more
  • Expertise in matching the right liquid, tape, or film adhesive to the material and application
  • Design engineering expertise
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Clean room converting, with three Class 10,000 clean rooms
  • Assembly, printing, packaging, and kitting

Fabrico can select from servo driven rotary die-cutting, CNC die-cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, as well as die-less cutting (using Zund systems) to meet complex specifications in electronics, military/aerospace, medical, transportation, and renewable energy markets. For intricate foam tape die-cutting, water jet technology provides exceptional detail and clean edges with no distortion. Laser die-cutting, kiss-cutting, slitting, and laminating can also be used in the converting process.
Fabrico has strategic relationships with world-class material, adhesive, solder, and process material suppliers to ensure that your project utilizes exactly the right materials – designed for cost efficient manufacturing and produced with the highest quality.