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Motion Industries


A supplier to Motion Industries asked us to assist them with a labeling issue. This company manufactures industrial belts and was having problems keeping barcoded information with the belts as they hung on display. They envisioned  a “flagged” label, much like an airline luggage tag. The labels had to be thermal printable so they could print on-demand, and perform with their automated label application machine. They also wanted limited adhesive residue from the label to stay on the belt. 


After researching their application equipment and considering their requirements, Fabrico supplied this customer with a label size that would allow “flagging” - applying one half of the label to the other, on the adhesive side. The material was thermal transfer printable and formatted to the customer’s thermal printers. Fabrico even recommended a suitable thermal ribbon. An adhesive was chosen that would adhere well to itself, while leaving little to no adhesive residue on the belts. And finally, the size, material, adhesive and format was conducive to their label application equipment.


By listening to the customer’s needs and wants, Fabrico was able to supply what they required and within their price constraints.


Download the PDF here