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Hallam Glow Ammo

Cold tracers for sport shooters doesn’t seem like the most natural application for Advanced Assembly. However, Fabrico’s expertise was essential in solving Hallam’s design challenges for adhering cold tracer chemicals to ammunition.

With Hallam’s proprietary non-incendiary cold tracer technology, sport shooters who reload their own shot are able to take advantage of instantaneous real-time feedback. Working in low-light conditions, the tracer shows the shooter the trajectory of the bullet without giving away the shooter’s position. Hallam’s Glow Ammo technology gives the shooter immediate feedback to make adjustments on the fly. The product is designed for easy application – “peel, position, and press.” A Glow Ammo dot is quickly and easily adhered to the end of a bullet. It has no measurable effect on accuracy or velocity.

Fabrico tested and suggested a number of adhesive possibilities prior to selecting the final adhesive for the Glow Ammo dot. In addition, Fabrico helped Hallam to design product packaging that made the benefits of the product self-evident to the user.