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Crane Aerospace

In military/aerospace applications, Fabrico offers: 

  • Electrical insulation materials
  • Conductive adhesives
  • Thermal management systems
  • Protection for sensitive electronics
  • EMC/EMI shielding
  • Vibration dampening foams


For Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Fabrico provided protection for microelectronics units during testing. By examining different tapes in its lab, Fabrico was able to suggest a cushioning tape with strong adhesion properties – strong enough to endure thermocycling during testing. Thermocycling mimics the temperature range that can be found in a military aircraft. Repeated cycles of hot and cold can weaken the adhesive bonds in most tapes. Once thermocycling was compete, the tape needed to be easily removed, without leaving any residue.


Through its extensive supplier network, Fabrico found a tape that functions well during baking cycles up to 121ºC, with adhesion of 34 oz/in and tensile strength of 27 lbs/in. The tape has a strong adhesive bond and adheres to the unit’s undercarriage, yet leaves no residue on removal.


Fabrico laminates layers of 2 mil tape to achieve the desired thickness to protect the unit. In addition to providing better protection for the sensitive microelectronics during testing, the tape is 30% less expensive than the previous solution.