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Concorde Battery Corporation


Concorde Battery Corporation manufactures specialty AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) aircraft batteries and is also the leading producer of such batteries for marine, recreational vehicle, solar panel, and wheelchair applications. Each one of Concorde’s 200+ models of batteries requires unique labeling that displays battery type, specifications, and the Concorde name. Fabrico was asked to quote on several of Concorde’s applications, and in the process provided a quality check on current materials and current printing processes. For instance, Fabrico discovered that low-cost 2.6 mil BOPP (polypropylene) was being supplied in violation of the spec that called for 4 mil white vinyl face stock. In addition, Fabrico discovered that areas of the labels specified as screened were actually printed as solids, and that some of the colors were out of specification per Concorde’s drawings.


Through its considerable materials sourcing capabilities, Fabrico provided the correct 4 mil white vinyl face stock at a reasonable cost. In addition, Fabrico corrected all printing deficiencies and provided a high-quality printing result within the approved budget and schedule. Labels are printed in high volume using four (4) spot colors with an overlam. They are then die cut, and slit into various-size rolls for automated assembly. Each roll contains 500-1,000 labels.


Fabrico resolved two problems for the customer – supplying the specified material at a comparable price to the lower-cost substitute, and improving the quality of the color printing. As a result, the customer’s overall label manufacturing process is more cost-effective, and the final appearance of Concorde’s battery labels is more professional in every respect.


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