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Barron Lighting

For the electronics market, Fabrico offers innovative solutions in electrical insulation, solder, thermal management, EMC/EMI shielding, and adhesives, including conductive adhesives.


Barron Lighting provides commercial and industrial customers with emergency lighting based on LED technology. Barron was looking for an electrical insulation container to separate the high voltage area from the low voltage area in their exit signs, while allowing access to the wire terminals and a 120V/277V dip switch setting. The insulated box would totally enclose their lighting circuit boards, install easily, and allow for operation instructions and warning information to be printed on it.


Fabrico tested several different electrical insulation materials before selecting ITW Formex™. Formex is a flexible polypropylene material often used to provide protection for sensitive electronic components and serve as a barrier to prevent unintended contact between circuit boards and housings, or between the circuit boards themselves. Formex lends itself to fabrication into different shapes and is a printable surface.

Fabrico designed a box from die-cut Formex with tabs to secure the box and keep it closed. After die-cutting, the box is printed with warning and voltage information and then scored for easy folding during on-site assembly at Barron Lighting. 


The insulation box has been a success for Barron Lighting, assuring that the circuit board is completely protected and allowing for easy installation by assembly personnel.