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AC Propulsion


As the market for hybrid and all-electric vehicles continues to grow, new materials and adhesives are needed for high performance motors and large, high performance batteries. Fabrico provides:

  • Electrical insulation for high voltage, high temperature applications
  • Thermal management systems for batteries
  • A variety of gaskets
  • High strength and structural adhesives


For example, working with AC Propulsion, Fabrico was able to replace a less efficient, manual process with a die-cut part for AC Propulsion’s power electronics unit (PEU) in its high performance electric vehicle motors.

The PEU is the intelligence behind AC Propulsion’s drive system. To access the components in the unit, there are straps that hold the unit open. The straps were originally made from tape by production workers during the assembly process. This slowed down assembly, resulted in inconsistent quality, and straps that failed during use. By testing several materials and die-cut patterns, Fabrico provided a simple solution using .014 Mylar® die-cut to the customer’s specifications. These new straps provided superior electrical insulation, superior strength without sacrificing flexibility, resistance to harsh chemicals, and good thermal endurance.


Fabrico provided a solution that increased productivity, improved product consistency, and increased process efficiency.