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EFI manufactures components for Square D, an electrical control and distribution equipment company owned by Schneider Electric. Several of their products, such as fuses, circuit boards, and membrane switches, require labeling of voltage, ohms, date of manufacture, quality assurance, etc. The challenge for Fabrico was to meet label materials specifications (two UL approved polyester face stocks) and provide an adhesive backing that could withstand operating temperatures up to 300ºF. In addition, the label supplier had dies tooled for use with labels on 40# liner, but was also using the same dies on labels with 50# liners. This was causing cut-throughs on the 50# liners which was making it difficult for the customer to peel the labels from the 50# liner.


Fabrico sourced the separate polyesters specified by the customer – Fasson Polyester with 50# liner and Flexcon Thermal Film Select with 40# liner. Through the strength of its vendor network, Fabrico acquired the two materials well below existing pricing. To minimize handling during production, the two-color labels are printed six (6) units across and rolled for final converting. These rolls are then slit to present a single label across, with 2,000 labels to a roll for automated application by the customer.


Fabrico was able to achieve two distinct savings for EFI. First, through its vast sourcing capability, Fabrico reduced materials costs by 40-50%. In addition, by providing separate dies for the 50# and 40# liners on the two specified materials, Fabrico eliminated the customer’s production delays caused by the 50# liners being fractured by the incorrect die. The entire process, from materials sourcing to die cutting to final product packaging, represents a significant improvement to the previous methodology, and substantial savings to the customer.


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