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3SI Security Systems


3SI Security Systems is the world leader in cash protection systems designed to recover stolen cash, apprehend criminals, and deter crime through smoke, dye, and ink staining technology. Previously, Fabrico’s involvement with 3SI has been as a supplier of insulation materials to provide a heat barrier between them die igniter and the currency bundle. Recently, Fabrico has presented 3SI with viable alternatives for the printing of adhesive strips and consecutive bar code labels for the packaging of currency.


Because 3SI is an established EIS customer, Fabrico was able to offer 3SI the advantage of sourcing adhesive strips and labels from a single supplier, thereby eliminating the need for a separate label vendor. In addition, through an AIMS (Automated Inventory Management System), 3SI will soon be able to access adhesive strips and labels through one uninterrupted process.


Fabrico has been able to substantially reduce the cost of adhesive strips and labels for 3SI by taking advantage of Fabrico’s vast materials sourcing network and by managing the customer’s requirements as part of its overall relationship with EIS.


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