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Bonding Materials & Attaching Materials

Fabrico carries & converts a wide selection of tapes and adhesive systems used for bonding and attachment.  In addition, our extensive fabrication capabilities and experience also allow us to manufacture these bonding materials to the most exacting specifications.

Bonding tapes and Attachment tapes have pressure sensitive adhesive on TWO sides of a carrier to bond dissimilar materials together. Many levels of bond strength are available in these products, from permanent to completely re-positionable. Just about any material substrate can be bonded: metal, paper, silicone rubber, fabric, skin and more.

We provide bonding materials for use in interior and exterior bonding applications, replacing rivets, spot welds, and other permanent fasteners. Bonding tapes are made with different chemistries that withstand weather, chemical resistance, UV exposure, liquids, energy absorbing materials and stress relaxing properties.

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  • 3M 4085 

    • Clean appearance
    • Durable on interior mounting applications
    • High sheer strength
  • 3M 666 

    • A double coated tape with slight differential tack that offers good solvent resistance and works on a variety of substrates or materials for temporary mounting of light weight mate
    • Clear, removable repositionable double coated tape with a low density polyethylene film liner LDPE.
    • These double coated tapes feature equal adhesive strength on each side for reliable attachment but with easy separation for repositioning or multiple openings and closings.