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Quality Medical Packaging Begins With Expert Converting

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Investigate New Processes and Materials with an Expert Converter like Fabrico to Ensure Quality in the End Package and Avoid Devastating Recalls

Fabrico’s own Christian S. Yorgure, PhD and Manager of Business Development for Fabrico Medical, has recently had an article published in the July edition of The Cutting Edge magazine, published by International Association of Die cutting and Die making.

The Cutting Edge Magazine article (Read Full Article) explains the importance of selecting and testing the right body-worn materials, stick-to-skin adhesives and medical packaging processes to ensure end product quality and to avoid devastating recalls that adversely effect the bottom line and business reputation.
Experienced converters like Fabrico offer everything medical manufacturers require from design phase to release of the product into the marketplace.

Materials for medical packaging are constantly changing to meet market needs.  Fabrico is current with latest trends, like the minimization of packaging materials and costs by using thinner and less expensive films and foils. Fabrico will do the necessary testing in their Class 10,000 clean room facility to ensure the material's tensile strength, puncture resistance, desired permeability, and other necessary characteristics.

Fabrico is familiar with EN ISO 11607 on packaging for sterilized medical devices where porous materials are used and provides an adequate microbial barrier to assure integrity of the sterile barrier system and product safety.

Additionally, for devices that will have stick-to-skin application, Fabrico can suggest adhesives that exhibit low-trauma and are skin-friendly, like silicone or acrylic PSAs.

Read the full Cutting Edge Magazine article