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Fabrico Medical Helps Bring NeckTITE Magic to Market

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fabrico Medical Provides their Expertise in Cosmeceuticals


Rochester, NY – Fabrico Medical, a premier provider of converted materials and advanced assembly for the design-to-manufacture of medical devices and disposables, is working with the inventors of NeckTITE Magic to improve the appearance and self-confidence of older women.

NeckTITE Magic is an adhesive strip that provides the appearance of a neck lift when placed on the back of the neck, under the hairline, to pull back and tighten the skin that sags with age - a favorable, safer, and less costly alternative to cosmetic creams, injections, or invasive surgery. Fabrico Medical's design engineering team specifically chose an advanced adhesive for this product that is moisture resistant, lasts for up to eight (8) to ten (10) hours per day, and does not harm the skin or hair. 

"Fabrico Medical has been so instrumental in our success of getting what we needed," stated Gail Tillinghast, General Partner at NeckTITE Magic, "sending us prototypes and samples, and more prototypes and samples." 

The highly experienced engineering team at Fabrico Medical understands that developing new medical products goes far beyond the cutting and slitting of materials.  In order to thoroughly understand each customer's needs, detailed questions are asked before recommending the right materials, converting processes, and sealing techniques. This collaborative design-for-manufacturability approach always includes design-for-cost principles that add value to the development and production process for any type of medical device or disposable. With ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2008, and GMP Certifications, as well as documented quality processes, Fabrico Medical delivers FDA-compliant, Class I and Class II devices and disposables. 

Details on all of these products, services and processes, can be easily accessed at the new Fabrico Medical web site.  The platform provides the ability to learn more about the company itself and dialogue directly with design engineers about your projects.  To find out more about Fabrico Medical's involvement in the materials selection process for NeckTITE Magic, please email us at


About Fabrico Medical

Fabrico Medical is a leader in converted materials solutions for the medical market, with experience in a broad range of medical applications, including medical device and diagnostic equipment, disposables, wound care, and packaging. Fabrico Medical has developed a track record of solving unique challenges and providing sound customer solutions. The company offers a wide range of custom fabrication services for the medical market including custom converting; custom laminating and die-cutting; and complex printing and assemblies. Fabrico Medical is located in Rochester, NY, USA and is a division of EIS. More information is available at or by calling 800 351-8273. Fabrico is a trademark of EIS, Inc.