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BioMEDevice 2017 Synopsis: Enlightening and Motivating

Friday, May 12, 2017

Medical and Technical Professionals Converged to Strategize and Share Knowledge

BioMEDevice 2017, in early May, was another exciting show. The traffic was high; it was a convergence of medical device companies, biotechnology professionals, and more, and the experience of this annual show is always fulfilling.

Attendees and exhibitors, as professionals of diverse backgrounds and specialization, interacted in an exchange of knowledge and ideas, which more than provided for new business opportunities and relationships.

The Fabrico Medical booth team were key in meeting with customers and suppliers to further nurture existing business relationships and to strengthen alliances while strategizing on how best to harness synergies for a better future. All of these activities are motivating and informative.  Fabrico Medical had a backpack give-away, which was won by Simone Klein, MD, a medical professional attending the show in the interest of transitioning to the medical device design space.

The BioMEDevice show format encourages in-depth exchanges about capabilities, science, medical device production challenges, and the many materials available to meet the demanding requirements of medical applications.

The essential ingredients for attracting new projects at a medical device trade show, and all other shows, were found at BioMEDevice 2017 in Boston.