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Commitment to Quality, Attention to Detail and Adherence to the Strictest Standards and Mandates

Fabrico Medical has a deep commitment to quality. Attention to detail and adherence to the strictest standards and mandates ensure that all on-going processes, from prototype design to component parts production, are consistent with the certifications we maintain.
Fabrico Medical's program for superior quality depends on regular internal audits and first article inspection according to the AS9100 standard, PPAP, equipment set-up validation, and in-process/final part inspection. Inspection sampling plans are based on ANSI Z1.4.
Subassembly vendors are subject to the AS9100 standards, to identify any programming concerns, and to on-going periodic inspections using sampling plans for process control.
Fabrico Medical's trusted materials suppliers are all either ISO 9001:2008 certified or have undergone a stringent vendor qualification process. Supplier quality systems must meet Fabrico Medical's Supplier Quality System requirements. Supplier performance is tracked and monitored to ensure that only the best performers secure business with Fabrico Medical. Suppliers are subjected to annual onsite audits to further enhance the partnered commitment to quality and to meet the demands of our customer.
In pursuit of superior quality, Fabrico Medical continuously strives to improve its process controls and performance level assessments.


Fabrico Medical is proudly affiliated with respected industry associations.



Fabrico Medical is officially certified to comply with sterility and environmental regulations.