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Thermal Management Materials

Converting Materials to Protect Sensitive Components From Heat Damage

As the medical device and equipment industry continues to design for smaller, faster and more precise instrumentation, thermal management becomes an even more important consideration.  Fabrico Medical's thermal mangement experts know how to create custom solutions for thermal management using materials and adhesives from industry-leading suppliers.

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Fabrico Medical converts material to dissipate and transfer heat away from sensitive components to heat sinks or the ambient environment. Preventing excess heat from causing expensive and health-hazardous repercussions is factored into the system design at the start.  Fabrico Medical often uses phase-change materials that change from solids to liquids while absorbing heat and adhesives that are placed between a heat generating device and a heat sink.

Additionally, Fabrico Medical sources the following materials from their leading thermal management material suppliers:

  • Pressure-sensitive Tapes that mount components to heat sinks
  • Thermal Fabrics (fiberglass reinforced, ceramic-filled polymer) that provide thermal conductivity and electrical isolation
  • Thermally Conductive Liquid Adhesives
  • Elastomer pads and coated fabrics that provide thermal impedance or thermal conductivity
  • Silicone Sponge materials for heat absorption or heat transmission

Fabrico Medical's in-house test laboratory allows testing of different materials, with different thermal characteristics, early in the design stage to avoid unnecessary problems, delays, and expenses.