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Release Liners

Optimum Release Characteristics are Required by the Adhesive Backing

Release Liners used by Fabrico Medical include easy- or medium-release and one- or two-side release. They are made from films and papers of various thicknesses and degrees of rigidity. Fabrico Medical uses DAHLAR® 9200 release film for rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuit applications.

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DAHLAR is a trademark of AIRTECH International Inc. and its features include:

  • Maximum temperature of 250ºC
  • Thickness .001”/.025 mm 350% elongation
  • Easy release from most surfaces

Fabrico Medical offers release liners that are compatible with a variety of adhesive systems. Our design and engineering team provides liner materials for optimum release characteristics required by the adhesive backing for slit and custom die-cut medical materials. Non-adhesive parts require low-tack adhesive liners that are compatible with the intended speed and accuracy requirements of the manufacturing process.

For adhesives requiring a release liner, Fabrico Medical offers 3M™ 4999 silicone white release liners. 3M™ 4999 is a trademark of 3M Company and available in:

  • 3.2 mil thickness
  • 55 lb densified kraft paper liner
  • Silicone release coating on one side
  • Minimum width is 3.0 inches/maximum 54 inches
  • Standard 360 yard roll

Fabrico Medical is an experienced converter of Polyester (PET) Loparex Primeliner™ silicone coated films, available with either one- or two-sided release options. Primeliner is a trademark of Loparex.

PET Loparex Primeliner features are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Well suited for high-temperature applications
  • Tear- and solvent-resistant
  • Thicknesses range from 12–190 microns

PET Primeliner features include: Well-suited for wound care, electrodes and electro-medical devices, and ostomy devices.

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