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Layer by Layer, Building Your Custom Fabricated Material to Specification

Fabrico Medical's custom, complex, multi-layer laminate composites provide soltuions for a wide variety of medical applications, from wound care to medical device infrastructure.  Layers of facings and substrates can be designed and engineered to meet your exact application requirements.  And prototyping and in house lab testing ensure that your end product meets every requirement, from non-adherence and non-linting to needed absorbancy level, air permeability, and barrier needs.

We will recommend the optimum laminating material and lamination services, helping to improve product performance while lowering material costs. Expertise for specific medical applications enables Fabrico Medical engineers to collaborate on both design and production improvements. Fabrico Medical utilizes their broad base of suppliers to source a variety of materials, including 3M laminating sheets. Factors such as durability, temperature, and electrical properties are important considerations in determining the best laminate for a given usage.

Fabrico Medical can custom-convert these laminates for you, including die-cutting and slitting, to suit all your medical product requirements.
For more information on laminates and help with your laminate application requirements, please Contact Us.