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EMC/EMI/RFI Shielding Materials

Protecting Sensitive Electronics in Medical Device Applications

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a concern that engineers must design for in medical electronics, since functional abnormalites may have very serious consequences. EMC design of medical electronic devices, to include shielding for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), is more complex than design for nonmedical counterparts.

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As with many devices, especially today's very small ones, shielding, filtering, and heat dissipation must all be considered. The use of EMI / RFI control materials throughout the design minimizes the chance of any malfunction later.  Such materials can include gaskets and seals made from highly absorptive elastomers that bridge uneven seams in electronic packaging. EMI/RFI shielding is essential in devices used in medical applications, and this shielding is typically provided by Faraday cages that surround components and serve as barriers. These cages can be made of flexible materials supplied by many of Fabrico Medical's worldclass manufacturers, like 3M and others.

Common EMI/RFI materials include:

  • Foil tapes
  • Metal-filled elastomers
  • Wire mesh
  • Copper foil tapes
  • Conductive fabrics laminated with conductive adhesives
  • Absorbing materials and pads

In addition, Fabrico Medical can provide an affordable, easy-to-use EMI/RFI testing kit, complete with magnetic field probe, electric field probe, EMI/RFI demo fixture, material samples, and cables and probes.

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