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PSA Tapes for Medical Applications

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes for High Strength Medical Bonds and Gentle Adhesion

Fabrico Medical offers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes (PSAs) that are easily adapted to a range of medical applications from joining components like panels in medical equipment, to joining and sealing parts in handheld diagnostic devices, to joining and sealing surgical drapes and wound care dressings to skin.

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PSA tapes require pressure to adhere to a surface. These tapes can be formulated to form high strength bonds when used in medical equipment or to join different dressing and drape substrates together, or to provide gentle adhesion when used in a stick-to-skin application. PSA tapes can be acrylics, silicones, or styrene block co-polymers.

Stick-to-skin PSAs have the following general properties:
• Nontoxicity;
• Adhesion to organic and inorganic surfaces;
• 100% solid;
• Optimized for wetting and gap filling;
• Working characteristics suitable for high-volume production;
• Compatibility with different forms of sterilization;
• Sterilizable.

Hydrocolloids and silicone PSAs are increasingly popular for their low skin trauma characteristics. These medical tapes are often required to provide secure adhesion for a device or dressing long enough for a therapeutic effect to occur. When adhesion is too low, the device won’t stay in place long enough; too high and the skin and wound may suffer trauma upon removal of the device or dressing.