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Medical Liquid Adhesives

High Bond Strength and Ease-of-Use in Diagnostic Devices

Fabrico Medical offers a variety of liquid adhesives, including: epoxies, one- and two-part silicones, cyanoacrylate adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, and other single and plural component adhesive products. Products including medical liquid adhesives are available in tubes, cartridges, cans, and bottles.

Liquid adhesives can be used in the fabrication of components for medical equipment and diagnostic devices, as well as in potting and encapsulation applications in medical electronics. As medical equipment and diagnostic devices achieve smaller form factors, adhesives are replacing mechanical fasteners in many areas, due to their high bond strength, light weight, ease-of-application, and pleasing aesthetic appeal. Liquid structural adhesives are popular in applications that require high strength, for example in bonding panels and skins for medical devices.

Through its vast expertise and vendor relationships, Fabrico Medical will recommend the most effective adhesive for your application. Innovative formulations may include liquid encapsulants, multi-cure adhesive systems, or low-stress/high-strength compounds for use in a variety of precision applications. Fabrico Medical's liquid adhesives meet all standard reliability and performance specifications.