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Testing and Recommending the Right Medical Adhesive for Stick-to-Skin and Diagnostic Equipment Applications

Fabrico Medical works with design engineers at a medical manufacturer or contract manufacturer to test and recommend the right adhesive for a substrate and application.

Fabrico Medical is knowledgeable on adhesives for stick-to-skin applications, where skin-friendliness is a key factor, as well as industrial strength adhesives for joining components in diagnostics equipment.

Design engineers are turning to adhesives in medical applications to provide strong bonds formulated for specific applications. Working with its large network of adhesive suppliers in both liquids and tapes, Fabrico Medical offers solutions in applications, including:

  • Bordering and fenestration drapes
  • Surgical drapes
  • Fixation tapes
  • Ostomy appliances
  • Incise films, including ophthalmic surgical incise films and drapes
  • Acute and chronic wound care dressings
  • Wound care that requires a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) for extended wear
  • Antimicrobial wound care
  • Medical equipment and body worn device assembly
  • Disposable electrodes
  • Diagnostic equipment, including home healthcare equipment, like blood monitoring devices
  • Endoscopes and laparoscopes

Fabrico Medical offers medical tape and film materials and adhesives for these and other applications.

Conductive Adhesives for Medical 

Clean, safe, and simple solution for electronic medical monitors and scanners.


Die-Cut Adhesives 

Complex medical products and devices require precision die-cut adhesives and components.


Medical Grade Adhesives 

Skin irritation and sensitization standards for medical devices require medical grade adhesives.


Medical Tapes & Films 

Films and tapes are used in the design of medical diagnostic equipment and more.


PSA Tapes for Medical Applications 

For a therapeutic effect to occur, PSAs must keep a device or dressing in place long enough.


Structural Adhesives for Medical Devices 

Cost-reducing and space-saving structural adhesives are alternatives to mechanical fasteners.


Medical Liquid Adhesives 

For use in component fabrication for medical equipment and diagnostic devices and in medical potting and encapsulation applications.