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Helping to maintain the sterility of medical equipment and devices, and ensuring that safety standards are always met, depends on the selection of the most appropriate medical materials for the application.  Whether it is non-porous durable surfaces, specialty wound care materials, or custom-designed packaging materials, Fabrico Medical sources the correct materials that help to advance healthcare.

Fabrico Medical offers a broad range of high-performance medical materials that are helping medical contractors and OEMs design the products to improve the lives of people worldwide. Prime material suppliers, like DuPont, 3M, Adhesives Research, work with Fabrico Medical to provide the critical materials that aid in the development of new medical equipment and innovative medical fabrics, keeping healthcare professionals and patients protected and comfortable in surgery centers, operating rooms and more.


Medical tapes, film materials, and adhesives for medical applications.


EMC/EMI/RFI Shielding Materials 

Protection for sensitive electronics in medical device design is critical.


Films & Paper 

Fabrico Medical provides paper and film converting services, as well as product design.



Custom laminations designed to meet the most stringent medical specifications.


Release Liners 

Liners that include easy- or medium-release and one- or two-side release.


Thermal Management Materials 

Converted materials can dissipate and transfer dangerous heat from components.