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At Fabrico Medical, we apply our materials and expertise to a wide range of applications, including adhesives for diagnostic instruments and medical die-cut parts, complex foam tape conversions, converted special release liners, and more.

For example, design engineers working with medical soft silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are being used in wound care dressings, bandages, and specialty drapes. These adhesives are typically non-traumatic to the wound, minimize pain during removal, and form a seal between the dressing and the skin to reduce the risk of maceration. Fabrico Medical has the expertise to identify these adhesives and those that will work best with the application's required substrate.  And in sourcing a cost-effective bonding solution, the process of selecting and matching appropriate adhesives and materials is expedited.

Working with an experienced medical converter and advanced assembly supplier, like Fabrico Medical, is essential to finding and correctly using new low trauma adhesives for wound care dressings, surgical drapes, and ostomy applications.  From identification and selection of the appropriate medical adhesives, to slitting, layering, laminating, precision die-cutting, and packaging of the finished healthcare product, Fabrico Medical provides the design, prototyping, and lab testing knowledge required for success.
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Body Worn Devices 

A strong skin bond while being easily removed is critically important.



Cosmeceuticals include anti-aging, teeth whiteners, lip protection, and anti-scarring treatments.


Devices & Equipment 

Smaller and more complex than ever, materials and adhesives expertise are required.


Low Trauma 

Adequate adhesion matched with low mechanical trauma during removal is vital.


Microfluidic Devices 

Used as diagnostic tools, Microfluidic Devices are at the forefront of point-of-care testing.



Designing nonwovens requires correct material selection and appropriate tested adhesive.



From device design to packaging, Fabrico Medical provides their materials & design expertise.


Stick-to-Skin Applications 

Expertise in adhesives for wound dressings, ostomy appliances, bandages, and surgical drapes.