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3M Medical Materials and Technologies

Bringing Innovative Solutions to Work with Medical Materials Converters and Device Manufacturers

Fabrico Medical and 3M Medical Materials & Technologies™, a trademark of 3M Company, provide innovative solutions for a variety of medical applications for OEMs and medical contract manufacturers and distributors, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Disposable and reusable drapes/gowns
  • Ostomy and incontinence devices
  • Electrodes and biosensors
  • “Stick-to-skin” applications
  • Bioanalytical and diagnostic devices

Stick-to-skin adhesives include single- and double-coated medical tapes, woven and nonwoven tapes, foam tapes, release liners, hydrocolloids, hydrophilic films, and more. Adhesives can be acrylate/acrylic or synthetic rubber-based. Using 3M™ medical adhesives and materials provides documentation for traceability as well as compatibility with a range of sterilization methods, including autoclave, irradiation, and ethylene oxide gas.

Fabrico Medical uses 3M™ materials and adhesives for:

  • Die-cut parts and adhesives for steri-drape and surgical drapes
  • Die-cut parts and adhesives for ostomy devices
  • Die-cut diagnostic test strips and carrier frames
  • Die-cut electrodes and grounding pads
  • Parts for securing diagnostic instruments

Additionally, Fabrico Medical is a medical converter with expertise in selecting and converting 3M™ low trauma adhesives for medical bandages and wound care dressings. These new soft silicone adhesives are skin-friendly and exhibit the gentle properties of traditional silicone with more aggressive tack and adhesion.

Typically available as pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), these adhesives achieve adequate adhesion to a variety of skin types while causing low mechanical trauma during removal. They have a low impact on skin surfaces. They don’t stick to hair, don’t attract dry or dead skin cells, and leave the skin area intact, lowering the chances of skin stripping and infection. They also allow for re-attachment and re-positioning.

As an experienced medical converter, Fabrico Medical knows the intricacies of working with silicone adhesives and the special considerations necessary to run them on the production floor. Fabrico Medical can work with anything from a simple die-cut part to a complex, multi-layer lamination. For specific information, Ask an Engineer for assistance.