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Fabrico is a supplier and converter of the entire range of 3M™ VHB™ acrylic foam tapes. VHB tape can replace mechanical fasteners in many applications by providing:
• Instant bonding
• Shock absorption
• Stress distribution across the bond for high strength
• Flexibility to accommodate expansion and contraction
• Permanent waterproof seal
• Conformable to substrate irregularities
• Smooth invisible appearance
• Improved productivity by eliminating drilling, welding, grinding, and clean-up

These tapes have remarkably high holding power for static and dynamic loads and are reliable and durable. The 3M family of VHB tapes includes the RP, 5952, and 4941 families of tapes.

The 3M VHB RP family includes RP16, RP25, RP45, and RP62, and is well-suited to resist UV and weather damage in outdoor applications. It bonds to:
• Glass
• Metal
• Many plastics
• Composites
• Wood
• Painted surfaces

The 3M VHB 5952 family includes 5915, 5915P, 5925, 5925P, 5930, 5930P, 5952, 5952P, 5962, 5962P, and 5958FR. Conformable acrylic foam is combined with modified acrylic adhesive resulting in a tape that adheres to the broadest range of substrates. Applications include medium surface-energy plastics, such as rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, and polystyrene.

3M VHB 4941 tape family includes 4926, 4936, 4936F, 4919F, 4941, 4941F, 4947F, 4956, 4956F, 4979F, and 4991. This tape family performs well in outdoor applications and harsh environments. It can also be used with painted/sealed porous surfaces like wood and concrete.

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3M and VHB are Trademarks of 3M Company.