3M™ 360 Transfer Tape & Double Coated Adhesive


3M 360 Family

3M's Newest Laminating Adhesive 360 was developed for fast permanent bonding to a broad spectrum of HSE and LSE materials. This list includes glass, ABS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, nylon, powder-coated surfaces and UV painted surfaces.

360 Adhesive is available 2 mil or 5 mil transfer tape & 2 mil or 4 mil double-coated tape. Fabrico can supply this laminated to any substrate, slit to any size roll or laser/die cut to your exact specifications.

Additional products in 360 family include: Adhesive Transfer Tapes 9626, & 9627 and Double Coated Tapes 9628B, 9628Fl, 9629B, 9629Fl, 9629PC and 9630.


  • Superior Quick Stick - 90 % of ultimate strength after 30 seconds!
  • Adheres to "Hard to Stick to" surfaces and high surface energy materials
  • Provides shear and peel strengths equal or greater than thicker tapes, achieving better bonds for thinner, lighter weight OEM designed products of today and the future
  • Low-odor adhesive
  • Great resistance to high heat, humidity, solvents and harsh environments
  • Great for a low profile bond line

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