Polyester - Clear 7950


3M 7950

2.0 mil gloss clear polyester facestock with 0.8 mil acrylic adhesive 300 on a 90 lb polycoated kraft liner

Facestock is topcoated for improved ink anchorage. Thermal transfer printable. High abrasion and solvent resistance. Good for indoor and outdoor use. High tack adhesive bonds well to low surface energy substrates. 90 lb sheetable lay-flat liner. UL recognized and CSA accepted.

Liner 1: 6.7 mil 90# Polycoated Kraft Adhesive 1: 0.8 mil 300 Facestock/Liner: 2.0 mil Clear Polyester Gloss TC

We slit in rolls or die-cut to your exact specifications.


  • Facestock is topcoated for improved ink anchorage. Variable information can be added by the end-user as the material is thermal transfer printable.
  • 3M adhesive 300 bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, high surface energy (HSE) plastics and low surface energy (LSE) plastics.
  • It is ideal for applications requiring high initial adhesion especially to LSE plastic surfaces.
  • Liner provides easy sheet processing and is designed for layflat. The backside of the liner is not printable.
  • UL recognized (File MH11410) and CSA accepted (File 99316). See the UL and CSA listings for details.

Typical Applications: 

  • Barcode labels and rating plates.
  • Property identification and asset labeling.
  • Warning, instruction, and service labels for durable goods.
  • Nameplates for durable goods.

Data Sheets & Summary Sheets